IHECS at the heart of Europe and the world

Firmly established in the heart of Brussels, IHECS is aiming to develop its international relations. Openness to the world is its primary focus and it mobilises students and professors across many dynamic and current projects.

For years, IHECS has been a member of several international European networks:  EJTA  (European Journalism Training Association), the Théophraste Network (global federation of francophone schools of journalism), AUF (University Agency for the Promotion of the French Language) and EUPRERA (European Public Relations Education and Research Association).

All-round student mobility

Each year, IHECS welcomes a hundred students from partner institutions around the world.

From all over Europe (Finland, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, the UK, etc.), northern Belgium and Brussels (Dutch-speaking institutions) or countries outside Europe (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, etc.), an ever-increasing number of students leave their university to study at IHECS for a semester or an academic year.

In exchange, the Institute sends its own students to partner institutions. IHECS offers three types of grants funded by three different programmes, for mobility aimed at study or for internships:

  • European mobility funded by the Erasmus+ programme;
  • Mobility within the Flemish community funded by the Erasmus Belgica programme;
  • Mobility outside Europe funded by the Mercury fund (an internal IHECS fund) and the FAME fund (Fonds d'Aide à la Mobilité Etudiante de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles/Wallonia-Brussels Federation Student Mobility Fund).

All mobility activities are organised in the context of bilateral agreements between IHECS and partner institutions and this network is constantly evolving.

Outside the framework of the exchanges organised with our institutional partners, foreing students also have the opportunity to pursue educational courses (Executive Masters, certificates and short modules) in the fields of journalism, communication, media and Europe through the IHECS-based continuing education centre, IHECS ACADEMY.

Cooperation and agreements with civil society

IHECS also establishes numerous international cooperation agreements with other educational institutions or with civil society organisations, in particular in Russia, the Democratic Republic of Congo or Burkina Faso.