Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication

Why do citizens show such a lack of interest in Europe? The reasons are many and varied: complex subjects, decision-making that’s hard to understand, and an elitist culture.

Communication is an essential tool to mend this fracture. With greater information at their disposal, citizens can be motivated to become more engaged and have a greater influence on decisions. For that to happen, Europe needs new professionals, new talented people, and new kinds of training. That’s why IHECS created the Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication (EPAC).


Why an Executive Master in European public affairs and communication ? 
« The European Union plays an increasingly important role in all our lives.
Brussels, the capital of the European Union, is home to the EU’s official institutions as well as many lobby groups, communication firms, research firms and agencies all of which feeds into European decision-making. All of these institutions and companies need top quality public affairs and communications professionals.

To meet this need for top quality public affairs and communications professionals, the Institut des Hautes Etudes en Communications Sociales (IHECS) offers a specialised Master in European Public Affairs and Communication. The programme combines a practical framework on the functioning of the EU institutions and decision-making with practitioner led modules on strategic communication and public affairs. The focus for the Master is how to make practical use of the best public affairs and communication strategies to develop the right professional skills. By bringing together the academic and professional worlds, the course provides a platform for debate, action and innovation and as it fosters new ideas on how to develop communications in the EU.

The course is run in English and is based on a series of projects and  partnerships with the European institutions and respected communications and public affairs agencies and practitioners. Graduates of the Executive Master in European Public Affairs and Communication will enhance their access to a broad range of European careers.

The Executive Master course also benefits from its high quality teaching faculty who are from both the EU Institutions and top tier Communications and Public Affairs agencies in Brussels. Their knowledge and expertise, as well as their networks, are a major boost for students eager to embark on a career in European affairs.

Do you want to help shape the European adventure and its challenges? »

Laura Leprêtre – Teaching Coordinator


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