Mind the Gap: Gender Inequality in Early Careers next EPAC's Students Event from IHECS Academy

30/05/2024 - 18:30 - 22:30

Students of IHECS Academy Executive Master European public affairs and communication are organizing an event on May 30 (18:30) at LOFT 58 dedicated to the salary disparities that persist in Europe between women and men at the start of their careers and the solutions put in place at the start of their careers local, national and European level.

Mind the Gap: Gender Inequality in Early Careers next EPAC's Students Event from IHECS Academy 

We are students of the EPAC Executive Master program at IHECS Academy, where we focus on public affairs and communications within the European context. As a class of 85% women, we understand firsthand the impact of Europe's gender pay gap. We are thrilled to host this roundtable discussion and explore actionable steps toward achieving gender equality across the continent. Join us and let’s discuss practical strategies to achieve gender equality.

Why this subject ? 

Despite numerous initiatives and regulations aimed at reducing disparities, the gender gap remains a significant issue in Europe. The gender pay gap is defined as the difference in average gross earnings per hour between women and men.

In 2022, the difference between male and female employment rates across the EU-27 was 10.7 percentage points. This discrepancy is not only limited to employment rates. Brussels holds the largest gender employment gap in Belgium. When it comes to earnings, women in the EU earn over 16% less than men per hour. 

The reasons behind the gender pay gap are multifaceted including factors like unpaid care duties, bias in hiring practices, and a lack of female representation in leadership roles. Furthermore, issues such as insufficient childcare services, tax disincentives and occupational segregation continue to perpetuate gender employment gaps.

Gender biases that manifest during the early stages of a career can significantly impact long-term career trajectories, further contributing to inequalities in the workplace. Addressing these biases is crucial for ensuring equitable career advancement opportunities and narrowing the gender pay gap over the long term.

Speakers will concentrate on the present state of equal pay and conditions for women in the early phases of their careers across Europe. They will examine the impact of recent EU directives aimed at addressing gender inequality. Finally, they will provide insights and suggestions on how to navigate and combat gender inequality in the workplace.

With whom ? 

  • Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi - Echevine du Logement, du Patrimoine public et de l'Egalité des chances, Ville de Bruxelles
  • Annelies Coessens - Gender, Diversity and Migration Officer, Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) Gender Policy
  • Jéromine Andolfatto - Policy and Campaigns Officer, European Women’s Lobby

Event Details :

  • Date: 30/05/24
  • Time: 18:30 CET
  • Location: Rue de l’Étuve, 58-60, 1000 Brussels

Registration : https://bit.ly/3QQkoUv