Debate : Journalism For Demos or Kratos?

22/02/2019 - 19:30 - 22:30

For Demos or Kratos?

The Caravan’s Journal invites you to an evening of debate on journalism and democracy. On the 22nd of February, journalists, storytellers and critics will gather on the same stage and ponder over rampant questions on media, democracy and storytelling.

A Mock Trial

In September 2018, The Caravan’s Journal travelled to Athens and organized a mock trial together with Oikomedia, Erasmus+ and The New York Times. An amalgam of European citizens, civil society members and students were able to challenge journalists from The New York Times and Der Spiegel in an innovative debate.

In February 2019, we continue the discussion in Brussels. We will share our experiences and discuss the results of the mock trial in Athens. Young participants will discuss their experiences concerning producing abroad and taking the first steps towards publication. Journalists, storytellers and critics will discuss the current media landscape.

Join us

“Journalists are part of the political story. We decide what news to put out there. We are the gatekeepers. Yes we’re guilty. It depends what we do with that, not just decide whether we’re guilty or not.” Ann Katrin Muller, Der Spiegel

More and more, democracy and the current media landscape are being put into question. Trust in media is at record lows and evidence-based reality is increasingly confused with fake news and falsehoods. Liberal democracy and enlightened ideals are under rising pressure from authoritarian and nationalistic forces. Are journalists part of the political story instead of its narrators? Should they defend democracy or just report on it? Join us to reassess the situation, face the challenges and discuss solutions with journalists and storytellers from all over Europe.


  • Luanda Casella (BRA-BE) - writer & performer. In her show ‘Short of Lying’ she explores the power of the media and stories to manipulate reality.
  • Kostas Kallergis (GR) - journalist for BBC News. He carried out assignments in Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, DR Congo, Angola, Ghana & Ivory Coast and author for the blog "When the Crisis Hit the Fan". Kostas now works as a freelance journalist and as field producer for foreign newspapers and TV networks.
  • Coen van de Ven (NL) - journalist for De Groene Amsterdammer. The past few years Coen captured stories in Kaliningrad, Hungary and Poland, and others.
  • Kasper Goethals (BE) - foreign correspondent for De Standaard. Kasper has reported from over twenty countries on four continents.
  • Elina Makri (GR) - co-founder of Oikomedia and journalist interested in the future of media, data technology and European journalism. She conceived Oikomedia as a process of better tracing the best source of information.


  • Introduction by the Caravan’s Journal

What is The Caravan’s Journal? Why did we organize a mock trial? | Participants of the mock trial share their experiences in journalism and their search of stories abroad

  • Politics, media and lies

Conversation between Coen van de Ven and Luanda Casellis about the power of communication and deception in media.

  • Reporting in Greece, media and the future of journalism

Panel discussion between Kasper Goethals, Elina Makri en Kostas Kallergis about journalism in times when democracy is under rising pressure | Critical voice from the audience


For Demos or Kratos is a project by The Caravan’s Journal, in cooperation with IHECS, Oikomedia and Erasmus+.