Conférence de communication interculturelle par Christina Rottgers

20/11/2018 - 16:00

Interactive lecture on the cultural implication for communication - with focus on Russia upon demand

This lecture helps students : 

  • to understand the impact of culture on communication
  • to foresee potential implications
  • to -at least cognitively- become able to adjust their own communication style

Content : 

  • How insights in communication and culture differ from insights in communication between individuals
  • Fixed versus flexible generalizations
  • The Hofstede Model on national culture with focus on communication
  • Examples from focus countries, so far especially Russia
  • Exercise on cultural implications on communication, special focus on communication between Belgians and Russians


Who's Christina Röttgers ? 

Christina Röttgers is a specialist for the development of cultural competence in organization, teams and on individual level : 

  • Definition of organziaton‘s ownvalues and accompanying cultureprocesses in companies
  • Leading multicultural anddiverse teams as much aspersonal leadership
  • Communication, Facilitation and Coaching

Working as a professional facilitator and consultant in Europe, Russia and Asia since 1997, Christina has more than 20 years of experience regarding all soft management tasks of international businesses across industries (, consumer goods, pharma, automobile, banks, tourism).

Since 2004 Christina has focussed on intercultural management. She has consulted, trained and coached people from production site management level to board levels, from SME‘s to multinationals. She has prepared about 100 individuals and partly their families for expatriate management positions, namely to Russia, next to her projects in developing international teams.

Christina is an associated partner of Hofstede Insights. She is leading the regional group (Köln-Rhein-Ruhr) of Sietar e.V.(Society for intercultural education, training and research), is a professional Co-active Coach and a certified coach forvarious other relevant tools.

She holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy, Slavic languages and East European Law. Christina speaks German as a native, is fluent in English and has a good command of French and Russian. Christina has lived in Germany and Russia (in1993) and worked in morethan 25 countries with people from all over the world. She has traveled to Russia for business projects and trainings about 15 times.

Currently, she lives with her husband and their three children in Cologne, Germany.