Partners & Projects

Our University College has clinched agreements with more than 70 universities located throughout the world.

International opportunities are a primordial issue for us as these are rallying students and professors round many projects, as much dynamic as they are current.

IHECS has been a member of many European and international networks for many years: EJTA  (European Journalism Training Association), Théophraste Network (Worldwide Federation of French-speaking Journalism Schools), AUF (University French-speaking Agency) and EUPRERA (European Public Relations Education).

Students mobility

Each year, IHECS welcomes dozens of students from partner institutions located throughout the world.

They come from the four corners of Europe (Finland, Germany, Portugal, Turkey, United Kingdom...) or non European countries (USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Taïwan, India...), more and more of them are taking to study at IHECS.

Reciprocally, the Institute is sending its own students to partner establishments. 

All exchanges are organized in conjunction with bilateral agreements completed with institutions located in Europe or outside of Europe in a precise institutional context. This network is constantly developing.

Cooperation and agreements with the civil society

IHECS is also forming numerous European and international cooperation agreements with other teaching institutions or with civil society organizations, in particular with Russia, India, DRC Congo, Burkina Faso or Chile.