How to apply

Application Process

  1. Being selected for a study abroad program by one our partners;
  2. Being officially nominated (at the latest on April 15th or October 15th). This is the home institution which must send an email to Elisa De Meyer with those information: name, surname, email address, language of the chosen programme (English or French);
  3. The student must send the application form (at the latest May 1st of November 1st):
    • There is an online application to complete (the link will be sent to the nominated students only),
    • When the online application is completed, a confirmation email must be sent to Elisa De Meyer with attached documents: application form signed by the home institution, idendity picture in JPEG format, copy of the ID card or passport and language proof.
  4. The student will receive an acceptance letter within 2 weeks after the deadline.

Useful information

Deadlines :

  • Fall Semester (September – December/January) and Full Academic Year :
    • Nomination at the latest on April 15th
    • Application at the lastest on May 1st
  • Spring Semester (February - June) :
    • Nomination at the latest on October 15th
    • Application at the lastest on November 1st

Courses’ selection and useful information:

You have specific needs ?

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