In the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco, The Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC) in Rabat and IHECS sign a partnership agreement for a period of 5 years (2018-2022)
On Friday 6 July, the delegations of the two institutions met in Rabat to sign the second partnership agreement for a period of 5 years.
The beginnings of the "coLAB" project
Sophie Henrard, coordinator of the International Exchanges Office, and Hélène Pochet, director of the "coLAB", visited London College of Communication to attend the inaugural meeting for the project "coLAB - A laboratory for new forms of...
Relations publiques
IHECS, partner of Deloitte
Since last October, a group of students from the Public Relations department have been working with the Audit and Risk Advisory Business Unit of Deloitte Belgium to design a communication strategy.
Being 20 years old ...
The inaugural photojournalism exhibition announced as part of the collaboration between IHECS and Lomonosov State University opened in Moscow on 18 June.
Éducation aux médias
IHECS, founding member of IAME
In 2016, IHECS committed itself to the creation of an international media literacy network, IAME, the International Association for Media Education.
IHECS continues its missions abroad
This is a particularly busy time for the International Exchanges Office. After Chile and Argentina, IHECS visited Barcelona, Dublin and Philadelphia this May.
Formation continue
Promoting active citizenship, an effective form of communication for Europe?
For the third year in a row, as part of the Jean Monnet Module, students are publishing the results of their analytical work on European strategic communication in a Working Paper.
Prix et concours
Recipients of the 2018 Canon Scholarship
The media dissertation projects that caught the eye of the jury during the third edition of the Canon Scholarship are "Euthanasie - le mot de la fin" ("Euthanasia - the final word") and "Dé/couvertes" ("Un/covered...
IHECS continues to expand its partnerships in Latin America
Margaux Burton, a staff member from the IHECS International Office, travelled to Buenos Aires last month as part of a project selected by the WBI (Latin America Mobility Support Fund).
IHECS prospecting in Chile
Last month, our Director, Luc De Meyer, visited ten Chilean universities including four partner institutions, with the aim of establishing new collaborations.