Back to school for international students
This year no less than 57 students from all over the world have selected IHECS for their exchange programme. The international department took great pride in welcoming them in style with a variety of activities.
IHECS is doing everything it can to try to free Loup Bureau
IHECS is carefully following the situation of Loup Bureau, a freelance French journalist who is also a student at the Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications sociales (IHECS) and who was detained on Tuesday by the Turkish authorities.
Prix et concours
The first Belgodysée 2016 Prize goes to...
Maxime Delrue, student in Press and Information at the IHECS!
Recherche et projets
IHECS launches Ihecspreneurs
October 13th marked the beginning of the first phase of the Ihecspreneurs programme with students in ASCEP. This Friday, December 16th, they will draw up a report of this first step in their career path.
Journalisme et médias
Nathalie Pierard has just been named the spokesperson of the RTBF.
On December 5th, Nathalie Pierard, a former IHECS student in press and information, became an advisor in corporate communication and public relations at the RTBF.
World Press Exhibition @IHECS
IHECS has the honour of hosting the World Press for a digital exhibition of recent award-winning photography. Programme: conference, guest and closing drinks.
Journalisme et médias
The BBB is ready to go for the US Election night!
On the night of 8-9 November,, IHECS, BBB (Brussels Bondy Blog) and DH Radio will team up for US election night to offer you the most comprehensive coverage of this major 2016 event.
Formation continue
IHECS Academy earned the Qfor certification for all of its education programmes
Last July, IHECS Academy earned the Qfor certification with flying colours.
Personnel exchange: Spotlight
In 2015-2016, 29 staff members received funding for a stay abroad: from Carcassonne to Tours to Bucharest, they've been all over Europe. The IHECS also welcomed teachers from partner institutions.
Journalisme et médias
"London, my dream"
An interactive production by BBB students on the living conditions of migrants in the United Kingdom.