New Director of Studies

On 15th December, Pascal Chabot announced that he was giving up his post as Director of Studies to devote himself to teaching and writing. Laure Englebert, currently Director of the IHECS Academy, has agreed to assume the role in February 2023.

After long reflection, Pascal Chabot offered his resignation as Director of Studies to the the management of IHECS. Indeed, Pascal wishes to be able to devote himself to other activities such as research, writing and his philosophical essays. He will continue to give his courses and has agreed to continue his role of coordinating general undergraduate courses.

Laure Englebert, who until now has held the position of Director of IHECS Academy, will succeed him from 1st February. In addition to her duties at the IHECS Academy for over 13 years, she speaheads reflection on pedagogical innovations in the teaching of communication at IHECS, and is an active member of the "IHECS 2030" group which aims to plan for the future of the Institution.

At the same time, she will soon embark on a doctoral thesis on innovative pedagogical approaches in higher education.

She will therefore be leaving her position as Director of the IHECS Academy in February, a role which will be held in an interim capacity by Alexandre Frédérick, the current Deputy Director, until the next meeting of the Board of Directors. She will join the management team comprising Frédéric Moens, Director of IHECS and Jean-Francois Raskin, General Manager of IHECS.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Professor Pascal Chabot for his unfailing commitment as Director of Studies. We wish him much success in his writing activities and are delighted to always be able to count on him as a teacher and coordinator of general courses.