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IHECS visits Madagascar
From 23 April to 1 May, our director, Frédéric Moens, participated in an identification mission within the framework of providing institutional support to the University of Antananarivo.
Mission to Burkina Faso
Between 23 March 8 April, a delegation from IHECS visited Ouagadougou as part of a follow-up mission to the ARES-CCD institutional support programme at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University.
IHECS, the IHECS Academy and the Central University of Tunis sign a partnership agreement
On 21 March, a delegation from IHECS visited Tunis to sign a partnership agreement with the Central COM for tripartite collaboration and the creation of a 60-credit Executive Master programme in Journalism from September 2022.
Relations publiques
Eat4Change, a WWF campaign conceived by our PR students
In January, our M2 students presented their media dissertations. Among them, a group of PR students presented their dissertation sponsored by WWF Belgium. A month later, their "three chances a day" idea was integrated into the "Eat For...
Journalisme et médias
Eight Journalism students attend the International Conference in Tunis
From 16 to 19 March, eight Journalism students were in Tunis to participate in the "News Room" Workshop as part of the Tunis Journalism Conference.
Academic cooperation is underway between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Morocco
A webinar was organised on 15 March to present the cooperation programme between the WBF and Morocco.