"Consom’acteur": a HELB and IHECS co-production

For the 3rd consecutive year, journalism students from IHECS and film students from HELB produced a 52-minute television programme.

On the menu: reports, sets with guests and musical interludes, live, with committed artists like the slam poet Lisette Lombé and Noé Preshow. The HELB students were responsible for the production component and IHECS students arranged the editorial component. Gwenaëlle Dekegeleer, RTBF presenter and journalist, handled the animation. The show was recorded live at Loft 58, the IHECS cafeteria, from 1700 to 1800 on Wednesday, 21st December.

An ambitious challenge.

The system in place brought together more than a hundred students supervised by fifteen teachers during one term. They used joint courses to reflect on the concept and content of the show. Not only did they require an impressive quantity of technical equipment, necessary for this exercise to succeed, but also a close coordination between our two Institutes, our teachers and our students.

The project focused on one question that the students had to answer: At a time when the planet’s temperature keeps rising and energy costs are exploding, how are higher education institutions coping with these significant, burning issues economically speaking ? In particular, adopting more sustainable development to reduce their costs and make their operations sustainable.

Beyond observation, it is a question of raising awareness in our student communities, giving students a voice, encouraging them to reflect on the values and practices of the world in which they live, urging them to question themselves by highlighting positive, practical and rewarding actions within the university community. Not to join the ranks of those causing the problem (culpable ecology), but rather to be on the side that provides the solutions and offers inspiring experiences and innovative ideas. And pointing out the paradoxes: young people are aware of the problems linked to the climate, for example, but are also massive consumers of the digital economy (Uber, apps, connected objects, etc.).

The primary objective of this joint HELB/IHECS educational exercise is to teach our students their future job as editor, camera operator, director, producer, manager, scriptwriter, photographer and journalist, and so on. Give them the opportunity to produce a quality programme created entirely from scratch by students and to shoot it live.

Thanks go to the students and teaching teams, to Thi Diem Quach and Nora de Marneffe. Our gratitude is also extended to ARES for its support, as well as the Minister of Higher Education Valérie Glatigny for her participation in the programme.

* "CONSOM’ACTEUR" can be seen soon on RTBF Auvio.

photos : Florent Vanden Bergh / IHECS