Actualités - 2020

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An IHECS student becomes one of two new Belgian Red Reporters
Amine Serock, a 3rd year public relations student, becomes the French-speaking Belgian Red Reporter for the men’s and women’s national football teams until the 2022 World Cup!
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Robin Carlier, Media Literacy 2019, wins the Media Literacy dissertation prize
The winner of the Media Literacy dissertation prize was announced on 1st December, and the 2020 edition was won by Robin Carlier, one of our Media Literacy Alumni.
IHECS is co-producing a survey into the COVID-19 epidemic entitled "The current reality – COVID-19, a human journey"
For the first time, IHECS is embarking on a project to co-produce a series of information segments relating to the health situation in our country following the emergence of the "COVID virus" which has radically altered our way of life.
Registration opens for the Boost Your Project incubator!
Since 2016, IHECS, in collaboration with Groupe One, has offered its second-year Master’s students the opportunity to conduct their end-of-study internship with the Boost Your Project incubator!
Prix et concours
Sébastien Schmitz wins the fictional podcast prize at the Phonurgia Nova Award 2020 event
The Phonurgia Nova Award 2020 event took place from 2 to 4 October. Sébastien Schmitz, a sound professor at IHECS, won the fiction podcast prize with the Wow collective.
IHECS welcomes its international students
Despite the pandemic, IHECS is fortunate to welcome a small group of international students!
Exhibition: Journalists in exile
From 1 to 9 October 2020, IHECS is delighted to host the photographic exhibition "Journalists in exile", provided by the En-Gaje collective in the hall of the "Bord-de-verre" building.
Opening of the Communication & Media syllabus created by IHECS and IUR
IHECS and the International University of Rabat are creating a "Communication and Media" syllabus in Morocco for the 2020-2021 academic year.
Welcome to our students!
The new academic year for the new 1st year students at IHECS began on Monday, 14 September. They were welcomed by all members of staff.
Journalisme et médias
Seven students have their articles published in Le Soir
In collaboration with Le Soir, seven 2nd year students in the journalism Master’s produced various articles on transit migration.