‘Brexit’, a symptom of poor EU communication
More than even, the future of Europe depends, amongst others, on the way Europe communicates.
The international scene is thriving!
With more and more students leaving for abroad, not less than 100 students welcomed this year and more and more collaborations, IHECS has become, over the years, a select partner on the international level.
Taylor Swift, David Bowie Jimi Hendrix's flaming guitar
Among the invited experts in the scope of the international programme of IHECS, the producer Francis Whately (BBC), crossed the Channel to present one of his video productions devoted to the role of PR in the music industry.
Entrepreneurial journalism
IHECS creates its own crowdfunding platform
Publicité et marketing
University Netexplo Academy: fruit of a partnership with our advertising students
For the third year in a row, Master 1 Advertising students collaborated with the Netexplo network, a observatory for digital innovations that identifies the most promising emerging projects throughout the world.
Tunisia: the TAP agency's 55th anniversary
For its 55th anniversary, the TAP agency (Tunis Afrique Presse) is holding an international conference. Camille Laville, President of the Press and Information Section of IHECS, has been invited there as a press agency research specialist.
A screenwriting workshop in Rabat to close out the year
On 28, 29, 30 December, Thaleh Daryanavard, documentary director and IHECS project coordinator, was in Morocco to lead a screenwriting workshop.
Marrakesh: the executive master's programme in business communication is under way
Born of a fruitful collaboration between HEEC (Morocco) and IHECS Academy, the master's programme that debuted in mid-December in Marrakesh, offers the opportunity to learn the business or agency communications manager trade.
Prix et concours
Belgodyssee, the prize for the best duo collaboration goes to... Nicolas Lowyck (IHECS) and Janne Vandevelde (KULeuven)!
It was in the presence of His Majesty King Philippe that Nicolas Lowyck, IHECS journalism student, was recognised this Thursday for his journalism teamwork as part of the Belgodyssee contest.
Anne Van Marsenille has earned the title of Doctor of Pedagogy at the Open University of Milton Keynes (England)
A language professor at the IHECS, Anne Van Marsenille travelled to Milton Keynes on 1 October to receive her doctorate in pedagogy stemming from her thesis on informal language learning outside of the academic environment.