Welcome to our new international students

For this second semester, more than 80 students joined the IHECS IN exchange programme.

At the beginning of February, the international department of IHECS had the pleasure of welcoming 67 students to the Erasmus programme, 8 students to the IHECSolidaire programme and 6 students to the ARES programme, making a total of 81 students, a record!

Before embarking on this semester, these students had the opportunity to participate in an integration week to explore IHECS and Brussels.

Entre séminaire en anglais « Introduction to cultural specificities », cours d’introduction sur la Belgique et l’Europe, une visite de l’IHECS, un petit jeu de piste dans le quartier européen, une visite de la capitale et enfin la découverte d’une chocolaterie avec fabrication de pralines, nos nouveaux venus n’ont pas eu le temps de s’ennuyerA seminar in English entitled "Introduction to cultural specificities", an introductory course on Belgium and Europe, a visit to IHECS, a little treasure hunt in the European quarter, a visit to the capital and finally a trip to a chocolate factory producing praline chocolates allowed no opportunities for our newcomers to become bored. 

To end this busy week, the students attended the famous “Welcome session”, synonymous with the official return to school.

Since the start of this semester, our students from all walks of life have been able to take various courses in French and English, including more general courses covering theory, as well as courses on the use of different media.