Prix et concours
Belgodyssée 2019, IHECS Grand Slam!
On 11 December, the Belgodyssée 2019 awards ceremony took place at the Royal Palace in the presence of His Majesty King Phillipe.
Prix et concours
Busy schedule for IHECS at the second edition of the Festival du Journalisme en Devenir
This Saturday, 30 November, three IHECS student productions won a prize out of the four awarded during the second edition of the Festival du Journalisme en Devenir.
Graduation Ceremonies: 2019 promotion
On 14, 16 and 23 November, IHECS organised three prestigious ceremonies in honour of its new graduates.
Animation socioculturelle et éducation permanente
Six IHECS students from the Brussels Blue Community
As part of their media project, six students in the 2nd year of the Master in ASCEP were eager to encourage the Brussels government to join the "Blue Community" network.
Launch of the year of sustainable development at IHECS!
This year, on the initiative of the IHECS International Exchanges Office, the various coordinators of Master programmes decided to collaborate in order to propose "The year of sustainable development" in the IHECS community.
Journalisme et médias
An IHECS student on a press trip with NATO
From 12 to 15 November 2019, Héloïse De Norre, a 2nd year student on the Master in Journalism, was in Tallinn for a press trip on cybersecurity and hybrid threats.
An IHECS alumnus appointed Prime Minister
For the first time in Belgian political history, the Prime Minister will be a female Prime Minister, Ms. Sophie Wilmès.
Journalisme et médias
Kick-off for Mammouth!
IHECS launched its new media, Mammouth, on Thursday, 24th October. We take a look back at its inauguration party.
Tribute to Solange Lusiku
An IHECS tribute to Solange Lusiku was held on 14th October, one year after her passing.
Crédit photo: Laurent Poma
Being 20 in Lima "The grey"
At a photojournalism workshop at San Ignacio de Loyola University in Lima, two of our professors, Thierry Maroit and Laurent Poma, were able to observe a unique phenomenon known as "La Garua".