Journalism students conquer live broadcasting

On 12th May, Journalism Masters students broadcast two live programmes: one on YouTube, the other on Twitch.

As part of the journalistic practice component of the Journalism programme, the first-year Masters students tried their hand at live practice by offering two pieces of content broadcast live on social networks. The programme consisted of a broadcast on YouTube dealing with the situation of students facing the health crisis and a Climathon on Twitch.

For the occasion, a real control room, equipped with three cameras, was installed in Loft 58. The students, accompanied by audiovisual professionals, Nicolas Bindelle (IHECS), Amandine Degand (IHECS), Gaëtan Gras (IHECS), Nicolas Gustin (IHECS), Yvan Hanon (IHECS), Bruno Clément (RTBF/guest professor), Adrien Jahier (IHECS/guest professor), worked to ensure the technical aspect of the show. 

"My life as a student, after a year on screens"

For several days now, journalism students have been preparing a television shows on the difficulties faced by students due to the pandemic. Several students were invited to the stage to tell of their experiences. Five themes were discussed: the psychological aspect, social relations, economic life, the value of diplomas and folklore. 

To watch or re-watch this 90-minute show, please access the video on Mammouth’s YouTube channel.


The students had less than 48 hours to find and propose possible solutions in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Belgium. Work focused on four themes: higher education, food, transport and management of green spaces/protection of biodiversity.

At the culmination of these two days of reflection, they presented their solutions during a 2-hour live Twitch session and answered questions from virtual viewers. To see or re-watch this live, please visit the Mammouth Twitch channel.