IHECS welcomes a new intake of international students

For this second term, the IHECS International Exchanges Office is delighted to welcome 34 students to its international exchange programme!

Despite the current situation with which we are all familiar, 27 international students have selected IHECS as their exchange host. At the same time, 7 participants from the IHECSolidaire programme are also taking advantage of the opportunity to attend IHECS.

Before embarking on this exchange semester, these students were able to explore IHECS thanks to an online integration week organised by our International Exchanges Office. During various Welcome sessions, a number of subjects were offered to our international students such as a virtual tour of IHECS and Brussels, a brief presentation of the history of Belgium and Europe and an introduction to cultural specificities.

Since the start of this term, our guests have been able to attend courses in French and English, including language courses, more general theoretical courses, and courses focusing on the practice of different media.

As a reminder, IHECSolidaire is...

It is a course that lasts four months and covers various theoretical and practical courses from our Bachelor degree in applied communication as well as a programme in English for those who have competence in that language. This project is accessible to anyone with refugee status, asylum seekers and people benefitting from subsidiary protection with a minimum level of A2 in French or English. 
The programme is 100% free and culminates in a certificate of participation, not leading to a qualification.