"European Dreams", the documentary series created by our alumni, wins the Constructive Journalism Prize in the student category!

On Friday, 26th February, the documentary series "European Dreams" produced by 8 alumni (Journalism, 2020) won the Constructive Journalism Prize in the "Student" category!

Since 2015, almost 2 million people have arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean. Far from their own homes and having survived a perilous crossing, they have finally made landfall in Europe. All their dreams are then possible. They aspire to a better life on the continent of human rights and to enjoy a brief respite…

"European Dreams" is the media project of eight former IHECS students* who have formed a production group called Borderline. The work was undertaken between October 2018 and December 2019.
The aim of this project is to highlight the uniqueness of each migratory journey and to remind people that, behind the statistics and policies, are living men, women and children.

Over the course of these three episodes, representing the three stages in the migrants’ journeys (arrival, frustration and integration), this series allows us to adopt a concrete vision of the reality of migration in Europe today.

The jury underscores the positive reflections on the management of and approach to migration within our society. It also assessed the quality of the production

All the episodes are available on Arte.

* Emanuel Descours, Thomas Haulotte, Guillaume Kepenne, Sarah Lohisse, Julien Roubaud, Ugo Santkin, Mourad Ibrahim Daliyeh and Héloïse De Norre.

Check out the 1st episode

To continue watching the series, go to Arte

Constructive Journalism Prize

Gradually integrating the concept of constructive journalism into the editorial choices of the French-speaking Belgian media remains a long-term mission to be carried out with journalists and editorial staff. Its success depends on the motivation of all involved. By awarding the Constructive Journalism Prize, NEW6S is determined to encourage editorial staff to develop constructive information and to place the spotlight on journalists and the media who embark on this path.

Available in three categories, the Prize is aimed at media professionals and 1st or 2nd year Masters students from journalism schools.