Louis-Nicolas Eloy wins the "Share the + of your Erasmus +" contest
Louis-Nicolas' account of his Erasmus experience in Poland won over the panel.
Publicité et marketing
PUB once again turns to IHECS
This past 21 September PUB Magazine released a special issue commemorating 50 years of JCDecaux posters in Belgium. To mark the occasion, seven Masters 2 advertising students had the opportunity to produce the cover for this edition.
Journalisme et médias
IHECS Corner on La Trois
Don't miss our budding journalists' reports on 9 and 16 October!
Journalisme et médias
Belgodyssey 2017, four IHECS students once again in the running
Noémie Lins, Marine Meunier, Sébastien Baillet, and Florentin Vincke, Media and Information students, have been selected for the 13th Belgodyssey adventure. (And Romain Goffin as an alternate).
Start of the 2017-2018 school year
An accent on entrepreneurship with Eric Domb as guest of honour.
Moldova State University students visiting IHECS
The ERASMUS + International Credit Mobility programme enabled Cornelia, Daria, Irina, and Cristina to receive a scholarship and take classes at IHECS.
Back to school for international students
This year no less than 57 students from all over the world have selected IHECS for their exchange programme. The international department took great pride in welcoming them in style with a variety of activities.
IHECS is doing everything it can to try to free Loup Bureau
IHECS is carefully following the situation of Loup Bureau, a freelance French journalist who is also a student at the Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications sociales (IHECS) and who was detained on Tuesday by the Turkish authorities.
Prix et concours
The first Belgodysée 2016 Prize goes to...
Maxime Delrue, student in Press and Information at the IHECS!
Recherche et projets
IHECS launches Ihecspreneurs
October 13th marked the beginning of the first phase of the Ihecspreneurs programme with students in ASCEP. This Friday, December 16th, they will draw up a report of this first step in their career path.