Selection procedure

The selection procedure for the three programmes Erasmus Europe, Belgica and Outside Europe is identical.
During their second year of study at IHECS, students apply to be selected for a study-oriented exchange period. This will take place during the first semester of the third year (or, much more limited, in the second semester of the second year of the Master in Journalism).

The applicant student must meet the following conditions:

  • be registered as a regular student at IHECS;
  • not participate twice in the same programme (students who have already participated in Erasmus can only apply for exchanges through the Belgica or Outside Europe programmes and vice versa);
  • have completed a minimum of 45 ECTS in their first year.

Depending on the places available, students will be selected on the basis of the academic results of all the ECTS presented to IHECS at the end of the January session, i.e. 60 ECTS from BLOC1 and all the courses from the January session of the second year.

All information on exchanges abroad is available here