Mobilities institutional context

IHECS holds the Erasmus Charter + 2014-2020 via the Haute Ecole Galilée which is a recognition, but also a commitment to respect the main principles of the Erasmus exchanges:

  • Mobilities can only take place within the context of agreements completed previously between higher teaching establishments;
  • Participating students pay their enrolment fees in their institution of origin and are exempt from these fees in the receiving institutions;
  • Courses resumed in the official Learning Agreement and successfully followed up by the students are the subject of full academic recognition.

IHECS is also committed to:

  • Assuring a very high level of quality particularly as regards the implementation of the mobilities;
  • Assuring equality as regards academic handling of local and exchange students;
  • Respecting non-discrimination objectives.

Academic recognition and ECTS

In association with the Erasmus programme +, academic recognition is guaranteed via the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System). By its membership of the Erasmus + University Charter, IHECS is committed to managing mobilities in accordance with ECTS methodology.

You may find the international policy of the HEG here.

All our Eramus projects are funded by the European Union