Our first-year students on the Masters in Advertising collaborate with the magazines PUB and Media Marketing

Ten of our first-year students on the Masters in Advertising will be working throughout the year creating online and offline content for Media Marketing and Pub!

The friendly relationship that IHECS maintains with these two essential marketing and communication magazines through the Advertising department has lasted for several years. Indeed, our students can access the contents of the two magazines while completing their work and dissertations. This allows them to gain some level of familiarity with the professional environment in which they shall soon be working.

As a matter of fact, this year, ten students (6 at PUB and 4 at Media Marketing) will have the opportunity to organise an editorial meeting with the managers of the two magazines every two weeks. They will be able to propose a variety of topics via different media, ranging from podcasts to video creation, including articles or interviews.

The aim of this new exercise is to teach them to adopt a journalistic way of writing with support from peers within the profession. Indeed, advertising is increasingly inspired by journalism to offer quality editorial content aimed at satisfying target audiences.

A long-term collaboration

In addition, for several years now, Advertising students have been producing the cover of the magazine PUB twice a year. This collaboration is realised in the form of a competition between students and on the basis of a briefing provided by the PUB teams.

Check in again in November to see the next cover for the magazine PUB, produced by Julien Lambrix, a first-year student on the Masters in Advertising!