The latest Journalism Talk focused on Iran

The Journalism Department spent an evening focusing on events in Iran.

The protest movement in Iran, triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old female student, shows no sign of abating. The demonstrations are reverberating around the whole country, despite the repression, arrests and deaths of nearly 130 people, according to the NGO Iran Human Rights.

Due to disparate movements, slogans openly directed against the regime have supplemented the initial slogan of "woman, life, freedom". The Journalism Department devoted its talk to this topic, convening a panel comprising Mona Mirsatari, activist and specialist in International Law, Pauline Hoffman, journalist at Le Soir, and Talheh Daryanavard, Project Coordinator at IHECS and author.

It provided an opportunity for our guests to focus on the youth at the forefront of this protest movement, to shed light on the role of civil society, intermediary bodies and teachers involved in these collective dynamics. The buzz of social networks, essential tools to counteract attempts by the authorities to control information, was also discussed. The final talking point was dedicated to international reactions and geostrategic issues relating to the entire Middle East region.

The Talk concluded with a traditional Q&A session with the audience.

The next meeting for the Journalism Talk, scheduled for Monday 7 November, will cover the topic "World Cup in Qatar: offside?"