IHECS introduces its new Director

After a decade as Director of IHECS, Luc De Meyer has decided not to stand for a third term. Frédéric Moens will succeed him as the head of IHECS.

On 27th May, Frédéric Moens was elected as the new Director of IHECS for the next 5 years.

Drawing on his experience as Director of Studies at our institution since 2010, he wishes to continue the work carried out by his predecessor, Luc De Meyer.

Several projects are still underway, such as the Mediapark project or even collaborations with other Hautes Écoles and Universities, both in Belgium and internationally, but the priority of our new Director is above all to retain that which makes IHECS unique: a training based on learning by doing, the practice of media and languages, the sense of belonging to the IHECS community, and more than anything else, the ability to think outside the box forming a benchmark that must be maintained and enhanced: being where we are not expected, questioning the obvious and rejecting fads in order to get ahead of them.

Frédéric Moens underlines his philosophy: "Respect for what has been achieved in the past, the ambition to continue this work in the service of the community, the certainty that change must be a tool that supports continuity. There is and can be no question of revolution. Within such a context, the mission is primarily a task of activity; this does not belittle it in any way, but above all emphasises the esteem afforded to the institution as a whole, to its members and to its projects. In other words, the programme matters more than the people, who remain at the service of the community and the goals that are jointly defined."

We take this opportunity at the appointment of our new Director to thank Luc De Meyer for these 10 years at the head of IHECS. He will continue to provide the courses for which he is responsible and will support the new IHECS Directorate for a few more months in order to ensure the smooth handover as well as the follow-up of a few files.

Luc De Meyer during an Open Days presentation in 2019