IHECS hosted the latest ARES event!

We were delighted to host the ARES Development Cooperation Commission at IHECS for their latest event.

On 20 October, more than 300 scholarship holders from Africa, Asia and South America all currently studying in Belgium for periods ranging from 3 months to 1 year, were received at IHECS by ARES at an event dedicated to reflection, networking and celebration.

Our Director, Frédéric Moens, welcomed all those in attendance with a speech. He stressed the need for IHECS to welcome such scholarship students each year, highlighting the wide variety of ideas and work practices that students from the four corners of the world bring to us on a daily basis.

ARES had chosen the decolonisation of academic cooperation and partnership relations as the theme for its annual conference.

Participants were able to contribute to several discussions and workshops addressing these topics. The rest of the event was a little more festive with stands showcasing different countries, and the evening ended at LOFT58. 

Our journalism students covered the entire day on behalf of Mammouth Média. The details can still be found here.

It was a real pleasure to welcome our ARES partners as part of this day and thanks go to our International Exchanges Office, and especially Alisson Péchon, who was our main liaison with ARES for the hosting of this event. 

Photos : Antoine Dutry et Fabian Kabashi