Creation of the "European Journalism Conference in Brussels"

IHECS and the Journalism & Citizenship Association, organiser of the International Journalism Conference, have come together to create the "European Journalism Conference in Brussels". The first edition will be held from 24 to 26 November 2022.

A delegation from IHECS, led by Jean-François Raskin, General Manager, visited Tours on 29 and 30 September to cement this partnership. This last step concluded a process of reflection and consultation with various local and European partners that began in 2019.

Europe is a major democratic space. It harbours the ambition of being a global model in terms of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. This is a freedom that is accompanied by the legitimate demand of all European citizens to be able to benefit from the right to quality information.

This ambition should not mask the challenges faced by journalists and publishers within EU member states: disruption of uses and economic models; capture of value by platforms; vast movements of concentration within the private media; threat to the independence of the public media; opposition to fake news and the need to invest in the scientific fields and information education; insufficient training, precariousness and overly frequent violations of the safety of journalists.

The European Journalism Conference in Brussels (EJC) in cooperation and alternating with the Tours Conference and that of Tunis for the Mediterranean region and the African continent, are intended to become the vehicle, currently missing at the continental level, that will support this ambition and these necessary developments.

Further information will be available in 2022.