University Netexplo Academy: fruit of a partnership with our advertising students

For the third year in a row, Master 1 Advertising students collaborated with the Netexplo network, a observatory for digital innovations that identifies the most promising emerging projects throughout the world.

The 2015-2016 workshop

In the first quarter, via a workshop dedicated to digital stakes coordinated by Sophie Pochet, lecturer in the Advertising and Sales Communication department and run by Damien Van Achter, the students had to conduct an active and directed search on the Web. This initiative that has been offered to Master 1 students of Advertising since 2012 allows them to understand the sociological influence of new information and communication technologies.

If, as in the last two years, the students made headway with the digital world, for the first time, they had the privilege of being the first to test a technological innovations portal developed by Netexplo before it was officially put on line: the University Netexplo Academy. This portal aims to offer students all over the world an on-line training programme on the sector's key themes.


As a reminder, IHECS is one of the institutions that forms the Netexplo catchment network with other big American, Asian, African and European universities and "hautes écoles". Every year the lecturers and the students of each of these establishments detect the most remarkable and promising initiatives in the field. This search leads to an annual election of the 10 most promising projects.

Moreover, last February, about twenty advertising students has the chance to attend Forum Netexplo (awards ceremony following this annual election) at Paris-Dauphine University.

Netexplo Grand Prix

This year it was Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar who won the Netexplo Grand Prix with IKO  Creative Prosthetic System (Colombia). This is a prosthesis that is compatible with Lego parts that allow children to create their own modules by picking shapes, colours and accessories. Children with malformed arm thus feel less isolated and it helps them overcome their handicap.

IKO_FR bynetexplo

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