Screening of the documentary film "En cours"

The documentary film "En cours" will be screened in the Velge auditorium on 17th March.

Over the past 18 months, IHECS, along with Clermont FerrandLondon and Rome, has participated in a European project that has enabled it to host half a dozen refugees or asylum seekers as professors and and refugee experts. As a reminder, the coLAB project aims to welcome these people as "guest experts" so that they can share their knowledge with students and teaching staff.  Throughout this project, several teachers from IHECS have collaborated with them and more than a hundred students have attended their courses.

The project is now in its experience sharing phase, and this includes the documentary film "En cours", produced by the partner from Clermont Ferrand. 


"En cours" is a 28-minute documentary aimed at redefining the word "refugee" by giving voice to four refugees, four individuals with skills and expertise to share, who are more than just people in need. For a year, from Clermont-Ferrand to Brussels, the filming team followed Rabab, Souzan, Yahia and Ahmad, four unique stories that all come together within the university environment and the CoLAB* project, a project that offers them the opportunity to disseminate their knowledge to students. They share their personal story, their daily life throughout all stages of the project, from preparation to implementation to the assessment, and talk about their vision in terms of inclusion and integration.

More info

  • Date: Tuesday 17 March 2020 
  • Time: 12.30 
  • Venue: IHECS, Rue de l'Étuve 58-60, 1000 Brussels – Velge Auditorium (2F)
  • Film length: 28 minutes
  • Registration free but OBLIGATORY!
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