Reaching London – What kind of life for the immigrants across the Channel?

How will the migrants find work, housing, and an income in the British capital? How will they find a social identity? 36 students of the Master in Press and Information will perform a field research from the 8th until the 11th of November.

The project

As European governments disagree on the subject of quotas and shared responsibilities in the face of the Syrian crisis, one may wonder what specific local policies and procedures are in place to welcome and integrate the refugees, and migrants in general, to Europe.

In order to address these questions, our students will produce a series of reports in Brussels and Calais, and then finish their journey in London. Actually, as recent news confirms, thousands of migrants continue to risk their lives each day to traverse the Channel tunnel.

These interactive multimedia reports come in support of a large collaborative investigation on the site of Brussels Bondy Blog. This long-form journalistic narrative will be accompanied by a "1 migrant, 100 faces" web application, a portrait gallery intended to give migrants another chance to speak and let these circumstances, which are increasingly lost in the flood of information, speak for themselves.

Conference  - Solidarity with the refugees : managing the emergency, and the aftermath ?

The recent decision of the citizens' refugee support platform to close the camp in Brussels' Maximilien Park confirms the need to think through the long-term prospects of hosting refugees. The students of the IHECS Master's in press & information programme invite you to a debate-conference on  Thursday, 22 October 2015 at 7 PM. Citizens' movements, refugees, and political leaders are encouraged to dialogue together to propose an action plan : "Solidarity with the refugees: managing the emergency and the aftermath?" Additional information in the column agenda beginning 10/10.

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If you wish to support the students in their project a Crowdfunding (participative financing) campaign has been launched on the KissKissBankBank platform.

Photo: BBB/Caroline Beauvois