IHECS Corner: reports by our budding journalists on La Trois (RTBF)

Travel through six investigations that are just as original as they are passionate produced by the final year students of journalism at IHECS.

Presented by Caroline Veyt, the programme " IHECS Corner" was made by La Trois in partnership with the Institut des Hautes Études des Communications Sociales. This is the second year that our students' productions have been broadcast in French-speaking Belgium.

Two evenings not to miss for any reason: Monday 12 September at 9:05pm and Monday 19 September at 9:15pm on La Trois.


A critical view of the sometimes difficult human reality

Like last year, the subjects covered deals with very diverse themes such as the integration of technology into the human body, migrant women who are victims of domestic abuse, the Greek crisis, the soaring of tourism in Iceland, children born from rapes committed between 1992 and 1995 during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the question of  the Shipibos, an Amazon-Peruvian indigenous people.

Produced by group in the  scope  of the media dissertation at IHECS, these productions are supervised by media lecturers and professionals. It is not merely a question of making a report, but rather thinking of a journalistic project in an integrated and transversal way. Financing included.

On the programme for Monday 12 September

1. "La technologie dans la peau" by Joséphine Christiaens, Nicolas Gustin, Hélène Lambert and Elise Malchair

2. "Sang tabou" by Soraya Montes, Mélanie Renda and Claire Sadzot

3. "Coup sur coups" by Elisabeth Evrard, Mathilde Szersnovicz and Fanny Joachim


On the programme for Monday 19 September

1. "La santé grecque à bout de souffle" by Chloé Martens, Margaux Ruelle and Pauline Verhelst

2. "Islande, éruption touristique" by Priscilla Dubus, Anthony Loriaux, Marise Ghyselings, Guillaume Woelfle

3. "Des indiens dans la ville" by Héléna De Bauw, Maria Haase-Coelho and Marie Jauquet

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