60/60 Exhibition

For its 60th anniversary, IHECS is exhibiting 60 of its Alumni from 15 March to 22 April 2019 at ULB’s La Cambre Horta School of Architecture, Place Flagey.

IHECS, which trains the press and communication professionals of the future, will celebrate its 60th anniversary by organising an unprecedented exhibition of sixty of its former graduates who have gone on to become recognised professional photographers. Some, such as Pauline Beugnies, Colin Delfosse, Cédric Gerbehaye, Roger Job, Virginie Nguyen Hoang, Bénédicte Vanderreydt, Mélanie Wenger and Johan Lolos, have won international awards and many have published reference books.

Visitors will be able to view almost 300 works, which will be grouped together in Le petit Guggenheim, the stunningly beautiful exhibition space within ULB’s La Cambre Horta School of Architecture. All genres of photography will be represented : photojournalism, documentary, intimate documentary, portrait, landscape, nude, visual art, fashion, advertising: a complete panorama of contemporary creations by our former students which is testimony to the excellence of their courses in terms of their success since graduation. The works by those exhibiting will be on sale in the exhibition space.

In parallel with the 60/60 exhibition, there will be a gallery of portraits of photographers created by students. Several events, workshops and conferences will also be organised. On 22 March, Wifried Estève will give a presentation entitled "Entrepreneurship in Photojournalism – State of Play", while on 27 March, Jonathan Bradfer and Pascale Sury will discuss "Un monde positif". The programme will also include screenings of the films "Rester vivants" by Pauline Beugnies on 18 March, "Manu" by Emmanuelle Bonmariage on 28 March and "Partir chez soi" by Céline Vanden Eyde and Paolo Pellizzari with Sébastien de Fooz on 3 April, as well as a reading of portfolios and a MOOK/POM (short photographic report format) evening.

This exhibition, curated by André Soupart, filmmaker and honorary professor of photography at IHECS, and supported by photographers and teachers from the photography department at IHECS, showcases the commitment of the professors and the institution as a whole. This exceptional event demonstrates their commitment to establishing an ongoing dialogue between theory and practice, and showing that students are learning common skills while developing a personal path and style.

Since it was founded in 1958, IHECS has trained hundreds of students each year for the press and communication professions: journalism, advertising, public relations, sociocultural activities and lifelong learning, media literacy and event management. IHECS trains professionals that are able to think about communication in areas in which it is useful, to conceptualise media tools, to tell stories or narrate history and to formalise them with emphasis and relevance using contemporary communication media. Sixty years of training have culminated in the generation of numerous talents working today within the media ecosystem.


Vincent Amiri - Lucie Appart - Vincen Beeckman - Pauline Beugnies - Manu Bonmariage - Véronique Boyens - Arnaud Brihay - Capucine Chandon - Gaëtan Chekaiban - Camille Crucifix - Thomas de Dorlodot - Sébastien de Fooz - Nicolas Delannoy - Vincent Delbrouck - Colin Delfosse - Loïc Delvaulx - Alice Dewert - Olivia Droeshaut - France Dubois - Céline Emmerechts - Wilson Fache - Philippe Felix - Félix Francotte - Thomas Freteur - Marielle Geerinckx - Cédric Gerbehaye - Mathieu Golinvaux - Olivier Guyaux - Paul Hanot - Alexis Haulot - Ben Heine - Roger Job - Fabrice Kada - Anna Katina - Johan Legraie - Geoffroy Libert - Johan Lolos - Katherine Longly - Christel Magnée - Florent Marot - Christine Mawet - Lillo Mendola - Margot Meyer - Julie Moreau de Bellaing - Virigine Nguyen Hoang - Véronique Pipers - Olivier Rayp - Anabelle Schattens - Annabel Sougné - Pascale Sury - Caroline Thirion - Romain Thiry - Marie Tihon - MaurineToussaint - Louis Van Ginneken - Bénédicte Vanderreydt - Aude Vanlathem - Denis Vasilov - Mélanie Wenger - Laure Winants

Practical information: 

Where: ULB’s La Cambre-Horta School of Architecture, Espace Architecture 19bis place Flagey – 1050 Brussels

When: from 1100 to 1800, Wednesday to Sunday, 15 March to 22 April 2019

Price: admission to the exhibition is free but registration to attend the various screenings and the Wilfried Estève conference is mandatory. Register now for the screening of your choice or for the conference via the following links: