Three students at the Photocity exhibition

From 25 June to 12 September 2021, Marie Ruwet (block 2), Divine Posadinu and Noé Zimmer (Master 1 Journalism) will exhibit their photos at Photocity, Europe’s largest photo exhibition.

Founded in New York, Photocity will be based at Tour & Taxis from 25 June to 12 September 2021. The programme features 80 international photographers who will be exhibited in a gigantic open-air space comprising open containers.

Three of our students will exhibit their work together with these artists. Marie Ruwet, a student in block 2, will present a photographic series on life in a nudist hangout in Maastricht, while Divine Posadinu and Noé Zimmer, both 1st Master 1 Journalism students, will focus on the precarious occupancies supported by the "Réquisitions Solidaires Bruxelles" campaign [a movement aimed at requisitioning accommodation in Brussels] .

The bare essentials - Marie Ruwet

Being free from all criticism, not to mention clothing, enables you to live in harmony. That’s what naturism offers: a connection to nature, a desexualised body and a simple life.

Our current societies are overwhelmingly characterised by mistrust due to a prevalence of aggression. So it is more easy to understand why naturism can be difficult to embrace. Having encountered it as a young girl on a nudist beach, I had the feeling that everyone was staring at me. And yet it was the fear of men and potential attacks that concerned me. Taking off all your clothes is a challenge that requires a healthy dose of confidence in yourself, but also in others.

Naturists come to try and get away from it all: the outward signs of wealth disappear and women are not viewed as bundles of flesh. These environments invite respect and sharing between human beings.

People in precarious living situations seek empty buildings - Divine Posadinu and Noé Zimmer

Open, settle in and live – three stages that have become the watchwords of the "Réquisitions Solidaires Bruxelles" campaign. Garnering plenty of support from fifty civil society organisations for the regularisation of undocumented migrants and the right to housing for all, it is a response to the worrying increase in the number of homeless people in the region. But squatting on private property means exposing yourself to fines, arrests and eviction.

This series of photographs focuses on three occupancies in the countryside: La Casita in Laeken, the Livourne-Defacqz corner in Louise and, last but not least, L’Hospitalière in St-Gilles.

Useful information

  • Dates: 25 June to 12 September 2021
    Price: between EUR 8 and EUR 10
    Duration: 60 to 80 minutes (approx.)
    Venue: Tour & Taxis - Avenue du Port 86C, 1000
    Reservation - here