Protagoras on Twitch and YouTube!

Following the health crisis, we have had to familiarise ourselves with new communication tools and this has been no less true for the Protagoras political communication laboratory.

In April, Protagoras, the laboratory for researchers and professionals in political and public communication, launched its Twitch and YouTube channels.

This approach is part of a desire to offer video content across several media. Three MasterClasses, lectures given as part of the political science course at IHECS, have already been broadcast on Twitch. These three livestreams are available on replay on the YouTube channel. Shorter video clips, showing the highlights of each MasterClass, are also available.

From the start of the academic year, Protagoras plans to resume streaming on Twitch. Topics involving political communication, the use of social networks by politicians, the Belgian political landscape and even ecology will be discussed.

Watch the most recent video from the Protagoras laboratory on Youtube!