Nordine Nabili at IPSI Tunis for a workshop week

The President of our Journalism Master programme visited IPSI Tunis to lead a week of intensive audiovisual production.

IPSI Tunis students participated in a week of intensive audiovisual production supervised by Nordine Nabili, President of the Journalism Department. This educational project forms part of the framework programme of the Wallonia-Brussels International Joint Commission and the Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education.

Nearly 40 Master 1&2 students from the Institute of Press and Information Sciences (IPSI) proposed topics on current affairs and produced reports on them. Each workshop enabled students to select the topics to be covered, the chosen medium (article, video, radio, photo report, etc.), as well as the production agenda. Tunisian society has been in turmoil since the 2011 revolution. Impending regional and presidential elections are heralded by important debates on political and economic issues. The topics and exchanges involved theoretical discussions on how to decode or explain a concept, how to return to a starting point, how to insist on ethical rules and the choice of sources, not to mention the need for proximity in order to adhere to reality but also distance in order to facilitate analysis and accommodate perspectives, and all this according to the turn of the debates or the issue at hand. This method differs significantly from standard lecture courses. This transition between theory and practice fostered a healthy group dynamic and promoted student autonomy. All of the productions were presented at the end of the week and were debated collectively between students and teachers. These productions will be published across the school media.