IHECS, the IHECS Academy and the Central University of Tunis sign a partnership agreement

On 21 March, a delegation from IHECS visited Tunis to sign a partnership agreement with the Central COM for tripartite collaboration and the creation of a 60-credit Executive Master programme in Journalism from September 2022.

The purpose of the Framework Agreement is to forge close and lasting North-South collaboration, particularly in the following areas:

  • initial training, continuing education and the establishment of joint research activities in areas of expertise of the three partners;
  • joint organisation of conferences and seminars;
  • the establishment of mobility systems for teachers, researchers, doctoral students and students between the two partner establishments;
  • the exchange of documentation and educational tools;
  • support and technical and professional advice for setting up new programmes and courses;

 from left to right: Mohamed Ali Ganouati, Frédéric Moens, Houbeb Ajmi and Jean-François Raskin

Pursuant to this agreement, the signatories have agreed on the organisation of a 60-credit Executive Master programme in journalism. The outline of the programme and the major orientation, namely an emphasis on international aspects, North-South relations, European journalism, and migration policies, not to mention the practical dimension of the profession of journalism (long story, data journalism, survey and investigation techniques, etc.), have been validated by the partners.

This programme, delivered both remotely and face-to-face, will begin in September 2022 in Tunis..

IHECS was represented by Frédéric Moens, Director, Jean-François Raskin, General Manager, Nordine Nabili, President of the Journalism Master programme and Talheh Daryanavard, Project Coordinator.  

The Central University of Tunis was represented by Houbeb Ajmi, General Manager of the Central University Group and Member of Honoris United, Mohamed Ali Ganouati, Director of Central COM and Nouhad Belaid, Director of Studies.