IHECS honoured at the launch party of the ARES academic and scientific cooperation programme

On Tuesday 4 July, IHECS was represented by two former interns at the launch evening of the ARES 2022-2027 academic and scientific programme "La place des savoirs dans le développement" ("The place of knowledge in development").

During the evening, ARES presented all of its instruments of cooperation and selected winners to represent them. To talk about the mobility programme, Yves Kulondwa, known as Kayene, was honoured. In 2019, he was selected to receive a capacity-building internship grant which enabled him to complete a 4-month stay at IHECS. To testify to his experience, Kayene appeared on stage during the evening and described the journey which led to him becoming a journalist and cartoonist, the springboard role played by his stay at IHECS and how his professional experience was shaped by his personal experience. In order to share his work with the public attending that night, he was able to exhibit ten of his caricatures.

Another winner who also completed an internship at IHECS, Serigne Boye, had the opportunity to create a live painting that punctuated the evening. A few months ago, Serigne had also produced a live painting during the opening of his exhibition "Depigmentation of Masks" at Bord de Verre. For the occasion, the theme of his live painting was linked to the theme of the evening: at the end of the evening, the attending guests could admire the painting, which represented the role of international mobility in education and the development of knowledge and skills. On the canvas, we can see a woman turning her gaze towards a book of knowledge. Thanks to the learning, she connects, through her hair, to various international networks, to partnerships and to various knowledge and skills, acquired through mobility supervised by ARES. In addition to his performance, Serigne was also able to exhibit some of his works.

Pictures : Aurore Delsoir - ARES


In recent years, IHECS has placed cooperation at the centre of its internationalisation priorities and is proud to participate in several of the many instruments of ARES. In addition to the capacity-building internship, travel grants are awarded to several students as part of their TFE or their media dissertations. Our Director, Frédéric Moens, also coordinates institutional support in Burkina Faso. In addition to all this, there are many projects, including:

  • A Development Research Project with Emmanuel Wathelet, Head of the Media Literacy Department, who is taking part in a project in Ouagadougou;
  • International Training with the participation of Mélanie LA lieu and the MACKS Master, who is participating in the Social Innovation Design Master of ESA Saint-Luc in Brussels;
  • The micro-projects in which groups of students have participated in recent years in collaboration with students from Rabat or Bakau

These numerous projects organised by the International Exchanges Office at IHECS, in collaboration with ARES, form part of a non-exhaustive list which will, in the near future, be supplemented by other Primer projects envisaged.

Kayena and Serigne were therefore able to share their experience at IHECS for 3 months with those attending the evening event.