An IHECS delegation to Rabat

From 10 to 17 August, an IHECS management delegation visited Rabat as part of IHECS Africa and the end of their first university cycle in communication and journalism organised jointly by the two institutions.

The delegation comprised Frédéric MOENS, the General Manager, Jean-François RASKIN and the project manager for the Maghreb countries, Ahmed BALHOUSIE.

They were able to have fruitful discussions with Merouane TALIL, CEO of SNM Consulting, adviser to the President of the Government, Director of Communication at the National Council for Human Rights and President of the Cercle des Lauréats de Belgique, with the new Managing Director of the MAP, Fouad ARIF and with the academic authorities of the International University of Rabat with whom they were able to develop the collaboration for the Masters for this new academic year.

Several working meetings were also on the agenda, including a meeting with representatives of press publishers, Messrs. RAKAS and EZZOUAK and Ms. F-Z. ELKADIRI, and the President of DDB Tribal in Casablanca, Amine BENNIS.

Ahmed BELHALOUMI (IHECS), M.Fouad ARIF, General Manager of the Moroccan Press Agency (MAP), Frédéric MOENS (IHECS) and Jean-François RASKIN (IHECS)

These meetings made it possible to better understand the reality of the Moroccan press and the communication sector (public relations and advertising) and to strengthen collaboration between IHECS Africa and the professional field.

IHECS Africa’s academic year starts on Monday 12 September.

Working meeting with the FMEJ. From left to right: Prof Salma TBER (UIR), Mme Fatim-Zahra ELKADIRI, member of the executive office of the FMEJ, CEO of the LE DESK group, Jean-François RASKIN (IHECS), M. Mohamed EZOUAK, member of the executive office of the FMEJ and CEO of the Yabiladi group, M. Mattat RAKAS, President of the FMEJ and director of publication of the newspapers Abayane and Bayane Al Youm, Frédéric MOENS (IHECS) and Prof. Amina BOUBIA (UIR)