IHECS co-organises the inaugural edition of the European Journalism Conference

From 23 to 25 November, we shall be hosting the inaugural edition of the European Journalism Conference, which we are co-organising with the French association Journalisme & Citoyenneté.

Centred on the theme “Being a journalist in Europe”, this event aims to bring together all the information-related professions to reflect openly on the conditions fostering quality journalism in Europe. Jean-Marie Cavada, President of the Institut des Droits Fondamentaux Numériques (Institute of Fundamental Digital Rights), does us the honour of assuming the role of Honorary President.

On the agenda: an exhibition that takes participants to the origins of contemporary journalism, meetings and discussions supported by the attendance of personalities such as Dmitry Mouratov, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize of 2021, or Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the European Commission, but also an evening focusing on the war in Ukraine, in partnership with Reporters Without Borders.

Among the topics covered, the recent legislation relating to media adopted within the EU courtesy of the Media Freedom Act, the journalistic treatment of the climate emergency and migration or even issues related to gender, diversity and intersectionality. “Accessible to all, the agenda for this edition has been selected so as to encourage a collective reaction to changes within our professions, changes even more significant than those of the past, but changes that are vital within our democratic societies”, explains Jean-François Raskin, General Manager of IHECS.

The European Journalism Conference enhances the Journalism Conferences held in France since 2007 and Tunis since 2018 facilitated by Journalisme & Citoyenneté.

For Jérôme Bouvier, President of Journalisme et Citoyenneté, “from the French-speaking world to the southern shores of the Mediterranean, passing today through the 27 countries of the EU, these meetings aim to provide a stage for journalists, publishers and citizens to discuss the conditions behind the production of the quality information that our democracies most need”.

More info: 

  • When: 23 to 25 November 2022

  • Where: IHECS, Brussels

  • Registration: free, but mandatory