Academic cooperation is underway between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Morocco

A webinar was organised on 15 March to present the cooperation programme between the WBF and Morocco.

In the wake of the organisation of the academic forum between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation (WBF) and Morocco next May in Brussels, a webinar was organised on Tuesday to present the five-year development cooperation programme defined and implemented by the Development Cooperation Commission of the Academy of Research and Higher Education (ARES).

This webinar focused on the financial instruments of cooperation and the tools for the internationalisation of higher education developed within ARES and the Wallonia-Brussels agency responsible for international relations (WBI) to promote collaborations with Moroccan academic institutions.

International University of Rabat - Photo


Led by several academics and representatives of the Wallonia-Brussels federation, this webinar provided an interactive that made it possible to introduce the tools of interest for Moroccan universities in relation to the internationalisation of higher education in French-speaking Belgium and to explore specific projects resulting from mutually advantageous collaborations between higher education institutions in WB>F and Morocco.

On this occasion, Jean-François Raskin, General Manager of IHECS and Ahmed Belhaloumi, project manager for relations with higher education institutions in the Maghreb countries gave a presentation outlining their successful collaboration with the International University of Rabat (IUR).

The webinars also covered the field work resulting from a collaboration between the Free University of Brussels (FUB) and the Hassan II Universtiy of Casablanca, presented by Mostapha Chamekh, Professor at the Faculty of Medicine at FUB and Rachid Saïle, Vice-President of Hassan II University, responsible for scientific research and cooperation and Professor at the Ben M’Sik Faculty of Sciences.


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