A sprinkling of figures from the Moroccan press with a dash of IHECS

In early August, the Moroccan Press Agency published a biographical directory of journalists who have made their mark on the media scene. One, Ahmed Belhaloumi, is a project manager with responsibility for relations with the countries of the Maghreb.

Produced by Driss Ajbali, mediator of MAP, “Figures de la presse marocaine” [“Figures from the Moroccan Press”] is a substantive work that dovetails the new MAP mandate to support the media sector through knowledge, know-how and research, emphasises the Agency’s Director General, Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, who penned the book’s preface.*

One of the no less than 230 journalists listed in this directory who have contributed to the history of the profession in Morocco is our colleague Ahmed Belhaloumi. He is a project manager responsible for fostering relations with higher education institutions throughout the countries of the Maghreb. This text retraces Ahmed’s professional career, highlighting his attachment, both personal and professional, to Belgium and to IHECS.

Photo of promotion of "Figures de la presse marocaine" edited by the MAP.


Several key stages of his career are explored, including his active participation in the creation of IHECS Africa, the new faculty of journalism and communication within the International University of Rabat, which we brought to your attention a little over a year ago, or his role as director of a Specialised Graduate Diploma in European journalism in the early 2000s.

On behalf of the IHECSienne community, we congratulate Ahmed for this publication retracing his professional journey, a work that symbolises a magnificent career experienced, among other places, at our Institution.

Ahmed Belhaloumi

* Source: Article published on 9 August 2021 on map.ma