A new start for our bachelor students

On 14 and 15 September, we had the pleasure of welcoming our former students to BLOC 2 and 3 as well as welcoming for the first time our new BLOC 1 students.

For this new academic year, IHECS welcomed back its former students as well as a new intake of IHECS students wishing to train in the communication and journalism professions.

The back-to-school marathon began on Wednesday, 14 September, with the welcome back of former students now entering BLOC 2 and BLOC 3. They were greeted by various members of the teaching staff and management during a session aimed at familiarising them with the terms of the continuation of their course as well as the modification of Marcourt’s decree and its implications.

Photos of students returning for BLOC 2 & 3

The next day, IHECS welcomed its new BLOC 1 students in a full BV1, so full in fact that the back-to-school ceremony was streamed to a second audience!

Once again, a team comprising teaching staff and management greeted our new students. Our General Manager, Jean-François Raskin, opened the new academic year with a welcome speech offering the new students an introduction to the ins and outs of student life at IHECS as well as life on campus. Pascal Chabot, our Director of Studies, together with other members of the teaching staff, took turns to explain the programme of studies. Our Rector, Frédéric Moens, addressed the audience via Teams, unfortunately being unable to join us in person. 

He underlined several points during his speech. Here is a selection of the most relevant.

“Communication is a powerful thing. Its sinister face is characterised by intrigue, while its more sympathetic face is marked by transparency. Counting exchange or sharing among its most favourable attributes, communication is indisputably an essential part of our societies. And the same is true of information that allows us to know and understand the world, but which occasionally assails us from all sides and misleads us.”

“....  The speed of technical innovation in this field is even more impressive than in the rest of society. Thus, the press of the 21st century no longer relies on the same tools as that of the early 20th century. And yet these tools coexist more than they are in conflict with each other. Social media has not dried up the internet, which has not made television disappear, which has not killed radio, which has not eliminated the press. Each of these tools has its own logic, but also shares something in common with the others; they are all transformed by innovation, and subsequent incarnations remain influenced by their predecessors…”

“The decision you have taken to come to IHECS is a demanding one that will require you to be creative and to have the appetite and the energy to accomplish things, but also to understand, to think, to conceptualise. The practice of communication or providing information that we are trying to impart requires both practice and implementation, but also necessitates an appreciation and understanding of its abstract connotations. Our aim is to introduce you to this media intelligence, provide you with the resources with which to master existing tools, and guide you to design the practices of the future, but it is also understood in advance that you are proactive and that you become the driving force behind your own learning and training. So we expect a lot from you!”

This reception concluded with the distribution of the Student Pack organised by CEHEG and a welcome drink at Loft 58.

We wish all of our students a fantastic start to the new academic year!

Photos of our BLOC 1 students