A group of IHECS students present an exhibition at the Intime Festival of Namur

From 21 August to 5 September, several ASCEP students presented their productions at the Intime Festival 2021 in the form of an exhibition entitled "Les disparus, Récits d’une pandémie" ("The Disappeared – Tales of a Pandemic").

During the health crisis, a question has emerged: in the face of disaster, what can literature do? The writer Robert McLiam Wilson has compiled the stories of caregivers, bereaved families, law enforcement, funeral directors, cashiers, waste collectors and residents of care homes, among others.

In parallel with this writing residency, a group of IHECS students criss-crossed Namur between September and December 2020 with the aim of collecting media material. The final creations are presented in a variety of formats: sound collections, photographic series and video podcasts, all exploring issues such as the neglect of the mental burden of women, the acceleration and deceleration of time, the place of pets or student distress.

This work was developed in an M1 ASCEP workshop in collaboration with the Intime Festival of Namur and the writer Robert McLiam Wilson.

All of these productions, both written and visual, are being exhibited at the Galerie du Beffroi in Namur until 5 September inclusive.

ASCEP student group:

  • Emma Ladeuze, 

  • Célia Werner, 

  • Léa Masson, 

  • Thomas Menestret, 

  • David Parra Gonzalez, 

  • Laura Leeuwe, 

  • Sophie Oger, 

  • Pauline Habran, 

  • Louise Barreau.

For more information and the original, please see: Les disparus, Récits d’une pandémie (The Disappeared – Tales of the Pandemic) (Namur, 2020-21)