A busy back-to-school programme for our Masters students!

From 14 September, our 6 Masters organised their back-to-school programmes with their first-year and second-year students. Here is a brief overview of their respective activities.

The back-to-school programme for the Masters in Journalism 

The Opening Lecture of the Masters in Journalism tackled the theme of quality journalism and was delivered by Hervé Brusini, president of the Albert Londres prize, who provided a colourful overview of the profession, tracing its history, its highlights and its developments, its impact on the evolution of democracies, and current issues and changes. The message was that the world is becoming increasingly technological and complex and the profession must adapt to the times in order to stay connected to reality. The fundamentals are the same; informing public debate, seeking the truth, safeguarding independence and respecting privacy are more vital than ever. Information is a public commodity and its generation must comply with a series of requirements.

Before this segment, three Alumni outlined their career paths since leaving IHECS, citing the opportunity to revisit the expectations of editorial staff, the challenges of integration and professional opportunities. Finally, this Opening Lecture concluded with several members of the teaching staff holding a Q&A session covering a variety of topics ranging from citizen trust, the media economy, new information media and data journalism. The academic year starts with the patronage of the president of the Albert Londres Prize. He shall visit us again next November for a major exhibition forming part of the European Journalism Conference in Brussels…


The back-to-school programme for the Masters in Public Relations

Our Masters in PR students were welcomed by the PR department team and in particular by a welcome speech from the head of department, Élise Maas. 

This was followed by an introductory conference hosted by Julien Radart, Managing Partner at Akkanto, on “The new role of communication in a context of perpetual crisis(crises)”.

At the same time, second-year Masters students who signed up for the Communication and European Affairs elective visited the European Commission to attend the State of the Union speech, accompanied by Nicolas Baygert. 

The back-to-school programme for the Masters in Sociocultural Activities and Lifelong Learning

For the 5th consecutive year, the network team took its MA students to the SE-ID (pronounced 'seed'), the idea emergence seminar. This seminar represents the first step in designing the media dissertations of the students working towards their Masters in Sociocultural Activities and Lifelong Learning. They were able to benefit from several activities held over 4 intensive days away from IHECS: two days (and one night) at Domaine d’Haugimont (University of Namur) followed by two other days at the Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molenbeek, which generously welcomed us to its premises in Brussels.  

The seminar opened with a conference by Barbara Dupont addressing the necessary fusion of experience and expertise in public speaking. The students had the opportunity to participate in various activities and exchanges with the aim of creating a mutual bond between all participants, all supervised by the teaching team whose mission it was to promote mutual social, critical and intellectual cohesion.

At the end of this seminar, 10 groups were formed covering themes such as climate, ecology, financial education, health and representation, in order to design media communication tools for, among other things, measures involving raising awareness, engagement, connection and prevention. Of course, all this still needs to be clarified, refined, produced and evaluated: the work has begun – see you for the results in January 2023!

Still in the same vein, the department organised a convivial back-to-school drinks party, bringing together M1, M2 and B3 students in Sociocultural Activities and Lifelong Learning pre-orientation, but also trainees from partner countries (Burkina-Faso, DRC, Senegal, Madagascar, Vietnam and Morocco), to share a friendly drink. 

The back-to-school programme for the Masters in Advertising and Marketing Communciation

Our first-year Masters in Advertising students met on 15 September during an integration day organised by the department at Le Trac theatre, with participation from the Viavectis team. They organised a day dedicated to collaborative games aimed at fostering links between new Masters students.

The back-to-school programme for the Masters in Event Management

Back-to-school seminar for second-year Masters students

An intensive return for our second-year Masters students with a 5-day marathon kicked off on 14 September with a briefing given by Brussels Major Events as part of a large event which should see the light of day in 2023. This was followed by 2 days of setting up working groups and briefing analysis to close in style with a 2-day residential seminar addressing the theme of creativity and providing an opportunity for initial event concepts to be laid out. Wonderful ideas in the making and wonderful memories. 

Back-to-school event for first-year and second-year Masters students – Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II

It was following an historic event, the funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II, that our first-year and second-year Masters in Event Management students returned to school on 19 September. The department organised a live broadcast. Students were invited to view the morning of the funeral. This event will then be analysed by the students and professors within the framework of the Masters syllabus. 

The back-to-school programme for the Masters in Media Literacy

For the second year in a row, the Media Literacy Masters team welcomed its new students with a day of conferences addressing issues related to Media Literacy. The first conference was presented by Michaël Privot, Islamologist and author of several books on the subject. He spoke about the relationship between belief, religions and media. The second conference, after a modest lunch, was given by Charlotte Barbier, PhD student and YouTuber, who works on the notion of critical thinking and discussed this topic in her presentation. Our new arrivals were then able to enjoy a guided tour of the Étuve building, because one thing that sets the students of our Masters in Media Literacy apart is the fact that they rarely come from our Bachelor’s degree and are therefore unfamiliar with our institution.

Once again, we wish everyone a fantastic start to the academic year!