Year of sustainable development - Conference #1: Analysis of transition initiatives and youth climate action

This conference will address the climate emergency envisioned by the social sciences: analysis via local transition initiatives and youth climate mobilisation.

As we announced earlier during the school year, at the initiative of the IHECS International Exchanges Office, the various heads of master programmes have decided to work together to offer "The year of sustainable development" to the IHECS community.

For two years, IHECS will offer various activities by which the fundamentals of sustainable development can be understood, and this will be followed by proposing concrete actions to students and communication professionals.

The first conference on this societal issue will take place in BV3 at 1930 on 2 March. 

Conference #1 : Analysis of transition initiatives and youth climate action

Two researchers from the University of Saint-Louis will analyse the dynamics behind the transition initiatives taking place at the local level, as well as the reasons for and challenges associated with youth climate mobilisation.

Using a study on the emergence of transition objectives such as renewable energy cooperatives, Loïc Cobut will reveal how the local level has recently repositioned itself. He will also show the way in which local governance constitutes an interface between actors convinced by the transitions and those who remain sceptical about the need to have them.

Next, Maxime Gaborit will explain the social and ideological reasons for youth commitment to the climate, in addition to the challenges of politicisation of ecological issues linked to social movements and democratic innovations. He will also address ecological awareness and the form it takes in public debate.

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Date: Monday 2 March 2020
Time: 19.30 to 21.00
Address:  IHECS, BV3 (2F), 15 rue du Poinçon, 1000 Brussels
Registration: Free but OBLIGATORY