World Press Exhibition @IHECS

IHECS has the honour of hosting the World Press for a digital exhibition of recent award-winning photography. Programme: conference, guest and closing drinks.

The exhibition, organised by World Press, is a recent, award-winning photo exhibition that is shown around the world in nearly 100 cities and 45 countries, reaching nearly four million people each year. It is a major event for the IHECS to welcome such an exhibition on-site.


  • Conference

This presentation will begin with a historical introduction to photojournalism and consider the power of photography through emblematic examples from the World Press Photo Archives. It will continue with an explanation of the use of visual language with references to Christian iconography and visual motifs that come up again and again. After this introduction of traditional photojournalism, the presentation will look at a few examples of new ways of telling stories and reaching audiences. It will also examine the question of journalistic independence in this context. The final part of the presentation will be adapted to the local context and/or the audience's subject of study.  

2009, 1st prize singles, Contemporary Issues. Photo credit: Mashid Mohadjerin.
  • Digital projection of the World Press Exhibition selection with commentary (30 minutes)

  • Meet & Greet

Location: BV1 - 15 Rue du Poinçon at 1000 Brussels

When: 24 November, 20-20:30pm


This event is organised in partnership with Canon.