Tribute to Solange Lusiku

An IHECS tribute to Solange Lusiku was held on 14th October, one year after her passing.

On the initiative of Yves Kulondwa, caricaturist at Congolese newspaper Le Souverain and his journalist colleague Christian Kika Kitungano, both currently participating in a specialisation work placement at IHECS (thanks to ARES funding), a tribute to Solange Lusiku and her struggle was organised on the anniversary of her death, which occurred one year ago.

Drawing by Kayene, caricaturist for Le Souverain, Bukavu.


The tribute took place at 1230 on 14th October in the Bord du Verre hall at IHECS and featured an exhibition of cartoons and photographs. It was in this exact spot in 2009 that we first hosted Solange at a photo exhibition supported by the International Solidarity Unit of the City of Brussels. Since then, Solange had been involved in several workshops, block courses and exhibitions at IHECS.

You can come and visit this exhibition until the end of October. 

Left to right : Yves Kulondwa,(Kayene), Fred Moens, Luc De Meyer, Mathilde Trinitié ASIMAGE,  Hélène Pochet, Bernard Keris, Hafida Mimoun El Kheir, Martin van der Belen, Eveline Beautemps

Sophie Henrard, Natacha Brixy, Emmanuelle Byvoet, Christian Kika, Anne-Cécile Voisin, Charlotte Maisin,  Maria Del Pilar Jimenez Alba et Laurence Vincent