Promoting active citizenship, an effective form of communication for Europe?

For the third year in a row, as part of the Jean Monnet Module, students are publishing the results of their analytical work on European strategic communication in a Working Paper.

The subject worked on this year is the stimulation of active citizenship by the European Commission as a communication strategy.

The Jean Monnet module is a modular part of the educational programme of the Executive Master Communication et Politique Européennes (Executive Master in European Communication and Policy) , which is recognised and subsidised by the Erasmus + programme. It aims to stimulate the research and work done by young researchers on European topics. 

The Working Paper consists of eight policy analyses of the European Commission dedicated to citizen dialogue, citizen participation and active citizenship, as well as the communication strategy pertaining to its political initiatives. After analysing the political initiative implemented by the Commission, the students go on to decipher the Commission's communication strategy, in particular the strategies behind the campaigns informing citizens about the implementation of this initiative.

Combining different types of research (semi-structured interviews, bibliographic research, analysis of communication tools, etc.), students highlight the strengths, relays and limits of European communication. Each case concludes with a series of recommendations to the European Commission on the tools, the method and the communication strategy that it should adopt to reduce the critical distance between the European Union and its citizens.

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