Pitch day for Media and Information students

On Wednesday, 18 October, Masters 2 students in Media and Information presented their media dissertation project to professionals.

Last Wednesday, no less than 25 projects were presented to journalists by media and information students. The objective was to get a return on work already competed and contemplate possible support. Following this support, projects that have generated interest will be published.

One after another, groups of students followed each other to explain how audience relationships (crowdfunding, social media storytelling, etc.) have been built, what motivated them to choose the subject, the angle selected, the target audience, the status of the project in question, what obstacles they encountered, etc.

A great exercise to get these professional interested in working with our students by establishing an initial contact and providing an impression of their profiles as future journalists.

Professionals on hand:

  • Philippe Laloux, Deputy Chief Editor (Web) @lesoir,
  • Eric Willem, Executive Producer at RTL Belgium - RTL-TVI
  • Dorian De Meeus, Chief Editor of LaLibre.be
  • Jean-Luc Cambier, Chief Editor of Moustique
  • Jean-Pierre Jacqmin, News and Sports Director at RTBF