Personnel exchange: Spotlight

In 2015-2016, 29 staff members received funding for a stay abroad: from Carcassonne to Tours to Bucharest, they've been all over Europe. The IHECS also welcomed teachers from partner institutions.

What is an exchange for staff and teachers  ?

The Erasmus programme isn't only intended for students. Members of staff and teachers at participating institutions of higher education may also access the Erasmus+ programme. To apply, they should first develop a project that, if accepted, will allow them to access a scholarship.

There are three types of exchanges funded by Erasmus+ :

  • The exchange for teaching purposes  at one of the European partner organisations (list here - insert link to our list
  • The exchange for education and observation   for the purpose of gaining new skills
  • Receiving an expert who can share his/her knowledge with students.

Apart from European funding, the IHECS also participated in WBI (Wallonie Bruxelles International) programmes in order to cover exchanges that were not covered by the Erasmus+ funds.

What do participants have to say ?

For the teachers who've enjoyed the experience, these exchanges are real opportunities: " Participating in an exchange programme takes time. Time that is precious and hard to come by. It can often involve taking on extra work, but the benefits are tremendous. It's the opportunity to learn in a new way (...)  ".

But the main impression from all of these testimonials given by  exchange programme participants is the need to examine oneself, share knowledge and make new connections.

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Esther Durin and Jonathan Hauvel behind the scenes of "Focus on Africa" at the BBC.