Our Masters in Journalism and in Media Literacy get a joint degree from the UCL

From the beginning of the next term, students registered in Press and Information as well as in Media Literacy at the IHECS will be able to take advantage of an academic course organised jointly by two institutions: the IHECS and the Catholic University o

Qu'ils se destinent aux métiers du journalisme ou de l’éducation aux médias, les étudiants inscrits en première année dans un de ces deux masters suivront, dès la rentrée prochaine, un total de 20 crédits organisés par l’Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).<}0{>Irrespective of whether they have taken up courses in Journalism or Media Studies, those registered in the first year in either of these two Master courses will work for a total of 20 credits, from the beginning of the next term, organised by the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL). This means four courses fully integrated in their other training activities, to be provided on the premises of the Communications School of Louvain.

Signed off by the authorities of the UCL and the IHECS at their meeting last Friday, 19th June 2015, these co-degree agreements have come to form part of an ancient process of enabling the partners to work closer together. In the photo, from left to right: Patrick Verniers, President of the Master in Media Literacy at the IHECS; Camille Laville, President of the Master in Press and Information at the IHECS; Benoît Grevisse, Director of the School of Journalism in Louvain; Frédéric Moens, Director of Studies at the IHECS; Vincent Blondel, President of the UCL; John Van Tiggelen, Director-President of the Haute École Galilée; Luc De Meyer, Director of the IHECS; Jean-François Raskin, General Administrator of the IHECS; and Marc Lits, Pro-Commissioner of Training and Studies at the UCL.

The advantages of joint degrees

The purpose of this initiative?  Better adaptation of the offer of education in Journalism, through a more integrated and non-redundant approach on the level of specialisations, and in Media Studies. A further purpose of such collaboration is to strengthen research activities in Journalism and Media Studies through the commitment of the IHECS to dedicate researchers uniquely to these areas.

The first students to benefit from this measure will be granted a diploma by the two parties at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year. The IHECS’s diplomas (past and future) will also prove easier to understand, particularly on an international level.

An agreement in sync with the Paysage decree 

Finally, the signing of this agreement last Friday reinforces a general movement of close collaboration with the University: The IHECS reached a similar agreement with the ULB regarding its Master in Public Relations at the beginning of the month of June.